Contra-indications of the massage

A massage is obviously a benefit for the body and soul but its main effect could be a contra-indication in some cases...
Each massage activates indeed the blood and lymphatic circulation.
This effect may not be good for people who need to remain quiet e.g. in case of venous problems (cf thrombosis for example), cardiac, diabetes, cancer problems (metastasis),…

It’s also to be considered after a good meal or if you drank a lot (the massage would increase the effect of the alcohol) and if you have fever.

Also for :

* Bone problems, injuries, trauma’s (bruises, sprains, fractures, …)
* Inflamed zones
* contagious or spreadable skin diseases
* pregnancy (not in the first 3 months)
* wound presenting possible risk of inflammation (like a burn)
* recent surgery (less than three months)
* … (not exhaustive article)

In case of doubt, don’t hesitate to seek advice from your treating doctor.

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