Coaching in stress management

It's about good everyday life habits, about how to deal with stress and some breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises.

These different aspects are applicable right away on your own in your daily life.

You can get a few sessions with general tools but you can also follow much more sessions in which each tool will be explained with examples for a better taking root.
The approaches are various and adapted to the problems and interests of the coached person (sport, yoga, situations of daily life, diet, performance,...).
The content is indeed always personalized (tailor made). 

The purpose of the sessions is to allow you to live better with your stress and to reduce it. I would not claim to be able to put an end to your stress -if it's the case, great!- but I would rather decrease the bad effects on your organism.   

A side effect is to give you more chances in the struggle against addictions (cf smoking for example).

Special sessions for companies are giving you the same tools which are also applicable in your everyday life. You just get this coaching at your company...

Price and duration to be discussed

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