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Medical pedicure prevents problems such as keratoses, mycoses and other nail / skin ailments.


Treatment includes :

  • trimming and nail reconstruction,

  • prevention and treatement of ingrown or curved toenails,

  • treatment of calluses and corns,

  • relaxing foot massage.

The functional importance of feet on a daily basis is just incredible. Most of the time, they bear our weight when we are walking or when we are standing, whilst being confined in rigid and humid shoes.

Because of enduring such friction and pressure, the foot skin reacts by generating calluses and corns.

Humidity enhances the development of mycoses.

Small wounds can be invaded by viruses like warts or bacteria causing whitlow.

Improper trimming of the toenails can cause ingrown nails to appear.



Medical pedicure

The treatment takes pre-existing conditions into account, like psoriasis, the age of the patient (specific treatments exist for elderly people), as well as general health problems affecting the intervention of the specialist (for instance diabetes patients or patients taking blood thinning remedies).


Do not forget to see a doctor to diagnose specific feet affections; the doctor might recommend specific feet treatment.


The term "medical" in the designation "medical pedicure" guarantees you to benefit from an treatment with the necessary disinfection and sterilization of the equipment used.


Prices :

Medical pedicure (including short foot massage) : 30€

Medical pedicure with full foot reflexology massage:  65€ (1h15)


* AT HOME : 30kms round Brussels

                       (fee may be added)




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