Foot reflexology
Relaxation and balance

40 min + essential oils / 40€

This technique is based on the principle that our different organs are linked through nerve endings to reflex zones in both feet. The body is kind of reflected in the feet.
Foot reflexology is massaging those zones. It brings balance, relaxation and improves the circulation of vital energy.
The functioning of our organs and the body’s ability to heal itself are stimulated.
Like all massages, foot reflexology increases blood and lymphatic circulation, which leads to eliminating wastes and toxins.
The duration of a session can vary from 30 to 60 minutes.
The masseur begins by awakening the feet through some specific movements then works on one system at the time (urinary, digestive, nervous, respiratory …) by stimulating their various components.
For instance, for the urinary system, the reflex zones of the kidneys, ureter, bladder and urethra.
The masseur will spend more time on a system that is out of balance or on a particular pain.
The massage will end by a few relaxation movements.

Foot reflexology is limited to a specific area of the body (feet and legs up to the knees).
Warm oil and cream are used.
The possible addition of essential oils increases even more the effect of the stimulation and targets even better the part of the body which is aimed for.

Sport massage
Recovery and relief

75 min / 70€

Also called tonifying massage, this massage will relax your muscles after the effort or when you suffer from muscular tensions (back, legs, ...).

The movements are first gentle and quick to warm up muscular areas.
Afterwards, they become slower and deeper.

It's an oil massage given mostly lying on the belly.
Massaged areas go from feet to neck.
It lasts about 1:15. 

You can also use bamboo stocks as well as sea shells for the massage
to get a special sensation.

Tailor made 
Only for you!

Duration and price to be discussed

Massage to be agreed on before the session...

Do you have special requests for back or legs?

Do you want to mingle different techniques such as reflexology, sport massage or massage with bamboo, hot or cold
stones massage, ...?

You know best what you want or what you need...


Calm and peace

60 min / 45€

It's a specific technique of relaxation. The body is installed in a natural position which stops muscular and articular tensions.
The practitioner opens the body with micromovements on neuromuscular junctions and he evacuates tensions with acupressions.

Then, he will work on the breathing, on the natural rhythms of the body, on the sensation of heaviness or lightness and on time perception.
He ends up with redynamization movements.

The session lasts about 1:15.

The "massaged" person remains dressed. No oil or cream are used.
This technique can be practiced as much as possible, partly or totally seated,  half seated, lying or standing.
This flexibility allows an intervention in companies and the practitioner can practiced the first steps of the technique as placement, stretching, opening of the body and the relief of tensions. 

As a practitioner, my intervention includes information, relaxation, recovery and relief.
The more "therapeutical" aspects are ment for a therapist.

Harmonizing massage
Unity and harmony

90 min /80€
+ essential oils : 85€

This massage is realized on a massaging table. The objective is to "regroup" and to harmonize the whole body.
The person being massaged becomes more aware of it's own body space and regaines physical and mental calm.
This technique also favours blood circulation and toxin elimination.

The mouvements that are used are fluent, sometimes slow, sometimes quick.
The different forms of effleurages with the full palm of the hand don't aim for more dynamism but are meant to install a contemplative peacefulness.

Body and spirit are one in perfect harmony.

This massage is practised on the naked body with warm oil (with or without addition of essential oils) and cream.

It lasts about 1h15.

If you are not comfortable being naked, underwear or bikinis are acceptable and don't influence the massage itself.

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Hot stone massage
Perfectly relaxing

75 min / 80€
+ essential oils : 90€

It’s a deep relaxation massage using black basalt stones heated up to 50°C.

They are used to massage the body. Heat as a beneficial effect on difficult zones (muscular tensions, retention, various types of blocked nodes) through a vasodilator effect. Stones can also be aligned with meridians and chakras to improve and rebalance the circulation of body energy.

This massage is practised on the naked body with warm oil (with or without addition of essential oils) and cream. It lasts about 1h15.

If you are not comfortable being naked, underwear or bikinis are acceptable and don't influence the massage itself.


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