The benefits of massages for the seniors remain the same as for anyone else.
They improve the blood and lymphatic circulation. The result is a better elimination of the wastes and it also strenghtens the immune system.

You should especially think about the fact that when the mobility reduces, the massages can help stimulating the body and activating the running of the organs.
For the seniors who are short of contacts, the social dimension of the massage is not insignificant...



I propose an adapted foot reflexology and tailor made massages (dressed or not) at the usual prices.

The touch is light, sweet and covering.

A warm contact is always a priority.

I come to your home and bring you kindness, attention and respect. 

Please contact me (0495/20 50 08) to discuss about your particular demands, about your physical and health situation and about my travelling conditions.

Please think to our gift voucher on our « actions and special offers »

For the seniors...

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