Environment and ethic

The place is fully dedicated to relaxation, peacefulness and cocooning.

Every massage, every coaching session is accompanied by aerial spreading of essential oils and adequate music.

If necessary, massage may be preceded by 15 minutes of relaxation, active breathing that both lead to physical and mental calm. This will allow you to enjoy your massage session even better.

My leitmotivs?... Active listening, respect and consistency in the means towards the main objective : your well-being.


  • Active listening and respect enable you to trust the masseur of whom you know he'll pay attention to what's important to you and that he won't take you places you don't want to go.

  • Consistency means different thinks... You'll be welcomed in a positive, constructive and soothing energy all through the session.
    During the massage, I'll be focused on you without being distracted and never losing touch.
    Accurate gestures are required, as well as a series of well trained actions during the different phases of the appointment in order to maintain harmony.

During the first session, we'll do a little anamnese to make sure there is no contra-indication to the massage.
A list of the main contra-indications is to be found on a dedicated page of this site.

Those are questions I will ask during our first telephone contact. If I have any doubt, I will refer you to your usual doctor.


My activities are adjunctions to traditional medecine and don't prevent you from seeing a doctor or psychotherapist when necessary.

My objective is to bring you relaxation, wellbeing and all that can be beneficial for you!

My motto as a masseur would be "come as you are".

What I mean by that is that what you can expect from me is an open mind, respect for you as a physical and intellectual person and confidentiality.

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© 2013 by Laurent, pédicure médical, praticien en relaxothérapie®, masseur et coach en gestion du stress

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